1 augusti 2016



Låt oss presentera höstens nya desiginsamarbete. Vi har tillsammans med A Merry Mishap, Jennifer Hagler tagit fram denna serien med krukor och vaser. Den består av 3 olika storlekar i 3 olika färger vi är supernöjda! Såhär säger hon om samarbete och produkterna: 

I am a mother of two, blogger and freelance interior stylist in the US passionate about design. Growing up I always found my happiness creating with paper and pen, needle and thread, paint or whatever I could get my hands on. The first two years at University were spent studying fine art until I started AMM blog. My interest turned to admiration for Scandinavian design over the years and I have been fortunate enough to work with some wonderful Nordic companies through AMM blog and with freelance projects. 


Working with DBKD and seeing a concept come to life has been a fun and rewarding experience!  

The vases and pots created for this collection were inspired by the search for softness and my own personal style that has evolved from very monochromatic with a lot of contrast to softer, more shadowy tones. 

The shape was very abstractly inspired by the female human figure, notorious for beautiful curves.  The colors came from a love for the deep afternoon light, which cuts through windows at steep angles filling a space with warm hues.  

This group of pots and vases are designed to look best together, the subtle differences in color complimenting each other and can be used to hold anything from long wooden spoons to plant your favorite plant. 

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